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휘트니스 클럽 카드

Fitness Club

Hot spring health center membership, 'Fitness Club'
Provides differentiated benefits through the best facilities and services.

Fitness Club Health[Spa & Sauna]

  • 3 months KWR 880,000
  • 6 months KWR 1,660,000
  • 12 months KWR 3,000,000
Fitness Club의 타입,블루클럽 헬스,블루클럽 에어로빅 정보 제공
Type Fitness Club Health[Spa & Sauna] Fitness Club Aerobic[Spa & Sauna]
Hours weekdays - 06:00~22:30
weekend/public holidays - 06:00~20:00
MON~FRI - 08:30~09:20

Special Fitness Club Benefits

Inquiries : 051.550.2210

Spa awards

  • Free spa use
  • Free sauna use

Health & Fitness

  • 1 to 1 individual personal training sessions customized to the athletics needs and body type of members are provided
  • Free use of member-only gym or aerobics facilities (choose 1)
  • Free gym service consultation

Blue Club gymlong term registration service benefits(more than 3 months): free GX classes(up to 10 group exercise programs including Spinning, Pilates, Stretching, Body Pump,Gym Ball, Step Box etc. )

Food and drink awards

  • 10% discount at beverage vendors under direct hotel management
    • Ristorante, NaeDang, The Lounge, The Bar, The Bakery, HurSimChung Brau,

Guest Information

Membership procedures

  1. Sign up for membership at the Health Center
  2. Present membership card at the 4th floor front reception
  3. Change into exercise gear
  4. Work out
  5. Use the spa
Guideline for use

Inquiries : 051. 550. 2210

  • The center (including gym and hot springs facilities) are available for use1 session per 1 calendar day
  • Your member card may not be used by another individual, and member card usage transfer or change of name are not permitted
  • When using guest facilities, member card must be presented to receive member benefits
  • Parking is validated for up to 5 hours
Locker : One month KWR 5,000
Closed: Every third Sunday of the month (general cleaning)