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An Urban Oasis

A place for your rest and rejuvenation, breathing the fresh air of beautiful Mountain Geumjeong and soaking in the pure spa waters of Dongnae hot spring, which stands proud as the best spa in Korea

This is Hotel Nongshim.

Another name for tradition and history

The history of Hotel Nongshim began with the establishment of "Dongnae Tourist Hotel," the first modern facility for overnight lodging south of Seoul's Han River. For about half a century since then, Hotel Nongshim has been providing comfortable and friendly hospitality and service, earning the trust and affection of discerning customers from Korea and abroad. In August 2002, the rebovated Dongnae Tourist Hotel was reopened with its present grand scale and status as Hotel Nongshim, a 240-room luxury hotel.

Permeated throughout by a grand history and a thousand stories, Hotel Nongshim's special charm can be felt in its harmony of modern style and traditional Korean aesthetics.

A rest spot much sought after by people worldwide

The largest hot spring spa in the Orient, coveted as a spa destivation by tourists from Korea and abroad - HurShimChung. The lobby, restaurants, and guestrooms embody a modern sensibility created by internationally acclaimed interior designers. This is the distinctive essence you will find at Hotel Nongshim.

A hotel that feels like home the moment a guest begins to speak

That is wonderful allure of Hotel Nongshim.