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The Bakery

Korean Modern Bakery! 'The Bakery'

Following the mottoes of 'same day production', 'same day sales', 'preservative free', and 'fresh-baked breads', our Korean style bakery serves healthy and delicious breads, pastries and desserts.
Some of the top specialties include the Sang Hwang bread, authentic Macau-style egg tarts, rice-flour bread, and naturally-fermented health bread.

  • 07:00 ~ 22:00
Seating capacity
  • 21 seats total
  • HurShimChung 1st floor
  • 051) 550 - 2370

About Sang Hwang bread


It is a ‘healthy bread’ made by adding 3.3% of Sang Hwang powder, which is produced by culturing the mixture of the white rice rich in minerals and vitamins and Sang Hwang mushroom‘s mycelium.

Nutritional component (content per 60g)

Calories: 210.7kcal / carbohydrate 30.8g (10%) / sugars 15.2g (15%) / protein 4.1g (7%) / fat 7.9g (15%) / saturated fat 0.8g (5%) / trans fat 0g / cholesterol 32.2 mg (11%) / sodium 72 mg (4%)

Nation-wide delivery service · group orders
  • Packaging configuration900g (60g x 15 pieces) / 600g (60g x 10 pieces)
  • Please keep them refrigerated after purchase and be sure to have them within the expiration date.
  • No delivery service will be available in summer season as the products may go bad due to hot weather.