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About Hot Spring

Enjoy sparkling clean natural hot springs as you bathe in the bright sunshine that streams from an enormous skylight while enjoying fine architectural beauty created by true artisans,only at HurShimChung.

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Jangsutang(Longevity Bath)regular bath 39~40℃, hot bath 43~44℃

HurShimChung’s largest bath. Comfortably soak in a hot spring bath at your leisure, while basking in the sunshine pouring through the domed ceiling. Both regular and hot baths are available.

Event BathCheolhaktang (Philosophy Bath), Yeongsangtang(Video Bath), Champagne Bath

Watch TV as you bathe in this alternative-style fun spa room, featuring diverse bath salts and powders that vary with the seasons.


Using all-natural bath preparations like green tea, jasmine, and peppermint, as well as Oriental materia medica, this bath offers a delightfully different spa experience.

Chimtang(Bed Bath), Baduktang(Baduk 'Go' Bath)men's baths

This spa ‘Bed Bath’ is designed to be enjoyed while reclining in comfort. The men’s area also features a bath where you can play board games like baduk (Japanese Go) or janggi (Korean chess) while immersing your feet in soothing hot spring water, enjoying exquisite recreational pleasure like a sinseon, a mythical divine being of Korean legend.

Joktang(Foot Bath)men's baths

Soothe your feet in this hot spring foot bath that boosts circulation and relieves fatigue.

Nocheontang(Open-air Bath)41℃~43℃

Enjoy hot spring waters in this outdoor bath where you can experience nature’s own phenonena in the open air, from radiant sunshine and blue skies to drifting snowflakes in the winter or refreshing rainstorms in the summer.

Hwemoktang(Hinoki-wood Bath)45℃

Savor the unique fragrance of a 4,000-year-old hinoki cypress tree. With wondrous properties for relaxation, stress relief, alleviation of neuralgia, and promotion of longevity, this bath also has antiseptic effect

Mulmajitang(Water Welcoming Bath)8~39℃

Promoting healthy circulation with the massaging effect of a needle shower, this bath is beneficial for beautiful healthy skin, lower back pain, and shoulder pain.

Donggultang(Cave Bath)34~35℃

Set in a peaceful environment like the interior of a natural cave, this bath is great for relieving mental fatigue. Let go of your mental and physical stress through calm meditation.

Naengtang(Cool Bath)16℃~18℃

Supplied with natural spring water that has been cooled, this area offers a pleasantly cooling bath. When spa-goers alternate between cool and hot baths, it has a positive effect on blood circulation and recovery from fatigue.


A 20-30-minute hot spring sitz-bath concentrating on the lower trunk of the body promotes healthy metabolism by boosting the circulation. It also beautifies the skin by removing toxins and impurities from the body.

  • Far-infrared sauna Wet / 47℃~50℃Pure far-infrared light helps remove heavy metals, physical impurities, and fats from the body without damaging the skin. The effect of the wet sauna is especially wonderful, helping to alleviate coughs, asthma, and respiratory diseases.
  • High temperature sauna Dry / 80℃~90℃This high-temperature dry sauna made from yellow ochre clay helps prevent geriatric disease and has anti-aging properties. .
  • Showers These pleasant and convenient facilities have areas for either standing or sitting as you shower.
  • Seishin Corner(Exfoliation service) An expert with long experience and know-how will give you an invigorating body scrub. Take advantage of our skin massage service, too.
  • Refreshment Corner Enjoy a variety of refreshments as you bathe, including juice, ice cream, and traditional Korean teas.
  • Mini pool This 10-meter long mini pool is supplied with hot spring water.
  • Sogeumtang(Saline Bath) The mineral content of salt is a natural skin softener, and is therapeutic for neuralgia and arthritis.
    It also improves circulation, and is beneficial for those with allergic skin diseases or obesity.